Grilled Bavarian sausages with rosemary on a fork on dark background
For The Best Sausage Sandwiches, Keep It Simple And Pass On The Flavored Links
When making British sausage sandwiches, fancy flavored links don't create the best balance. They're meant to be simple, and a simpler sausage allows the pork to shine through.
With a highly seasoned sausage, you have to use strong flavorings that stand up to the meat, complicating the sandwich. A neutral sausage gives you more control over the flavor.
Cumberland pork sausage, which is seasoned only with salt and pepper, provides you with a foundation that you can build flavors onto, without drowning out the sausage itself.
HP Brown Sauce is a classic sausage sandwich seasoning that enhances the saltier flavors of the meat without overpowering it. Sauteed onions are also a nice addition to try.
You can also try sausages with subtle flavorings such as sage, which is the predominant herb in a Lincolnshire sausage. Just keep the sandwich simple without too many add-ins.