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For The Best Broth, Add A Pig's Foot
A great broth is typically made by boiling marrow- and cartilage-rich bones for many hours, resulting in a deeply savory and rich liquid. Standard beef, chicken, and vegetable broths can be bought at the store, but there are some stocks that you can only make at home and are worth the effort, including broth with a pig's foot added.
Also known as a trotter, a pig's foot is one of the most collagen-rich parts of an animal you can buy, and imparts a rich body to broths, soups, and stews; the mild flavor also meshes well with other proteins like chicken or beef. The abundance of bones, joints, cartilage, meat, and tendons in the foot help you avoid a thin or insipid stock.
When a pig's foot is simmered in water, the liquid becomes so concentrated and gelatinous that it resembles a rubber eraser after chilling. Add spoonfuls of the broth to elevate sauces, soups, pastas, and more, and know that pigs' feet keep well when wrapped in plastic in the freezer, so you'll never be too far from an excellent all-purpose stock.