Shrimp po boy sandwich on a toasted French roll with lettuce, tomato, mayo and French fries
For The Absolute Best Shrimp, Turn To Your Air Fryer
Since air fryers utilize hot air circulation to create a crispy exterior instead of lots of oil, you can use them to make healthier shrimp without compromising on taste or texture.
Air fryers are versatile and allow for various flavor profiles and cooking styles, so you can count on them whether you want coconut, garlic butter, or a spicier type of shrimp.
For extra crispy shrimp, spray the shrimp with cooking spray before air-frying, and be sure to place your seasoned shrimp in a single layer to ensure even cooking.
No matter the shrimp recipe you use, the air fryer makes for a quicker, healthier, and often tastier way of cooking shrimp.