Casserole with chicken and peas in a cast iron pan
For Tastier Casseroles, Just Include One Simple Ingredient
Casseroles are great for feeding crowds and create lots of tasty leftovers, but if your dishes sometimes come out bland, try adding this pantry staple for a flavor boost.
Jarred salsa offers a flavorful medley of tomatoes, peppers, onions, spices, and more, which can add depth and zest to your casserole without any extra prep time.
Some salsas even use roasted vegetables, adding a rich, smoky, savory layer of flavor to your dish, along with some heat if you choose a spicier salsa.
Garlic, cumin, and herbaceous cilantro are just a few salsa seasonings that can uplift your casserole even more. Use salsas with a flavor profile that matches your recipe.
Whether you add salsa to a tamale pie, stuffed cabbage casserole, or chicken casserole, hold back on extra spices and taste as you go so you don’t overseason the dish.