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For Super Thin Onion Slices, Try Shaving Them
Vegetable peelers tend to be an underrated tool in the kitchen, often regarded as a unitasker, so it may surprise you to know that they are quite adept at more than just peeling produce. Veggie peelers can grate cheese, destring celery, make chocolate curls, and even help you to achieve perfect, paper-thin sliced onions.
In a TikTok, a French chef demonstrates how a vegetable peeler can be used to shave onions. Even for non-French speakers, it’s not difficult to understand him as he explains that you simply insert a fork into the onion and use the handle to hold it in place, then use the vegetable peeler to grate the flesh in long strips.
If the blade of the vegetable peeler isn’t big enough to move across the entire onion, use it on the sides instead, which still creates thin slices that are perfect for topping pizza or burgers. In another video, a chef demonstrates how the vegetable peeler is more efficient and less fussy than a knife for super-thin slices.