Carrot cake with almond flakes
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For Stunning Carrot Cake Textures, You Only Need One Raisin Swap
In many carrot cake recipes, raisins are a common addition, but if you want a softer texture that's less chewy and a richer flavor, dates are a great alternative.
Dried dates have a softer texture than raisins and a richer, sweeter taste. Their flavor profile is described as toffee-like with a hint of chocolate and cinnamon.
As you might imagine, these warm, comforting flavors go fantastically with a carrot cake. Soaking the dates in warm water will create a more pronounced butterscotch aroma.
Dates, especially dried dates, are very sweet, so be aware of how much sugar you add to the cake batter. Dates also perform splendidly in other spiced cakes such as pumpkin spice.