Italian focaccia bread with rosemary, garlic, cherry tomatoes and olive oil. Shallow dof.
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For Single-Serving Focaccia, Break Out Your Mini Loaf Pan
If you're making the flaky Italian bread called focaccia at home, baking an entire sheet of bread may be impractical, especially if you're not baking for a big group. Some bread recipes are difficult to scale down, but focaccia is easy to adapt using a mini loaf pan, a baking tool that has taken off on TikTok for good reason.
A miniature loaf produces just enough focaccia for you to eat in a reasonable amount of time, and also saves on ingredients and money. Instead of multiple cups of flour, a large baking sheet, and a substantial quantity of salt, yeast, and oil, the most you'll need is a cup of flour and smaller quantities of everything else.
For this trick, you can simply follow your favorite focaccia recipe after scaling down the ingredients. You'll have to stretch out your focaccia, poke holes in the dough, and wait for rising and resting, but the single serving means you'll be able to enjoy your bread fresh from the oven, warm and already proportioned out.