Suji/Sooji Halwa Puri or Shira Poori with black chana masala breakfast, served in a plate and bowl
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For Shortcut Puri, All You Need Is Store-Bought Tortillas (& A Lot Of Oil)
Puri is a crispy, fluffy Indian flatbread that is fried to crispy perfection and served alongside aromatic curries and other hearty meals. While the ingredients list for puris is simple, only requiring flour, salt, and water, mixing the dough and rolling out circles can take time and practice, so you might be looking for a shortcut.
There is a simple method that will allow you to make quick "puris" using only oil and tortillas. Simply fill up a stovetop skillet with one to two inches of vegetable or canola oil and fry cooked or uncooked tortillas — preferably the large kind used for street tacos — in the oil for a minute on each side until they turn golden and crisp.
You'll know the oil is hot enough when the liquid begins to lightly roll and you hear a gentle sizzling sound, and you should use tongs to slide each tortilla into the oil. To cook the tortillas to perfection, you'll need to lightly press each tortilla into the bubbling oil as it begins to cook so it stays submerged, then flip it for even cooking.