Bowl of popcorn with cheesy seasoning
For Seasoning That Sticks To Popcorn, Pulverize Your Spices
Seasoning can bring a bowl of popcorn to life, whether you like spicy, herby, or sugary sweet. The best way to get flavorful seasoned popcorn is to pulverize the spices you use.
Pulverizing spices into a powdered form makes it more likely that the seasonings will adhere to warm popcorn, and the finer the grind, the higher the chance of that happening.
There are multiple tools to achieve this like a spice grinder, a coffee grinder, a food processor, or a mortar and pestle, one of which you should already have on hand.
If your popcorn is too dry, coat it in butter or oil to help the spices stick. Then, toss it in batches in a bowl with the pulverized seasonings until it's evenly coated.