Cut of lasagna being held up on a spatula above a baking dish full of lasagna
For Quicker Browned And Bubbly Baked Pasta, Crank Up The Oven
To avoid waiting an hour for your baked pasta to achieve a cheesy, golden brown crust, simply crank the oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and let the dish sit inside for 10 minutes.
This way, you will get that browned cheesy layer you’re looking for without worrying about the dish burning or drying out after spending an hour in the oven.
With this method, raw ingredients must be cooked ahead of time. Start by boiling your noodles on the stovetop and stop when they’re al dente so they don’t get soggy in the oven.
Any meat should be cooked on the stove before being added to the dish. You should also make your sauce ahead of time since the flavors won’t have time to develop in the oven.
If you’re adding veggies, make sure they’re the texture you want ahead of time by sautéing or boiling them. While this method requires extra prep, it will save you time in the end.