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For More Relaxed Meals, Follow The Spanish Custom Of Sobremesa
Many people experience culture shocks when visiting different countries, and for Americans traveling to Spain, there are a lot of practices that may be hard to adapt to, such as late dinners and siestas. Another Spanish custom comes after the meal is done and is something that the world should take notice of — sobremesa.
According to The Takeout, sobremesa translates to “over the table” and refers to a laid-back time after eating where family and friends can relax at the table. Spanish lunches are typically served as three-course meals and, afterwards, many people simply sit and chat at the table with a post-meal beverage.
Sobremesa is a time for meaningful and connective conversation, as Cocina explains, "Once people have eaten delicious food and enjoyed a bottle of good wine (or two), they can talk about anything." In America, while there’s little dedicated time to sit down in the middle of the day, adopting sobremesa with friends and family may help you enjoy life.