A bowl of chili con carne with a red chili and lime on wooden surface
For More Nutritious And Creamier Chili, Incorporate This One Ingredient
Adding pumpkin to chili may sound strange, but it won't make a huge difference in flavor while giving the stew a richer texture, with some added nutritional benefits.
Whether you scoop the flesh out of a fresh pumpkin or use canned purée, this squash is sure to pump up your chili with no "off" flavors and a smooth, creamy texture.
Rich in the antioxidant beta carotin, fiber, potassium, and vitamin E, pumpkin makes your chili more nutritious, and the squash itself also benefits from being added to the stew.
Pumpkin can be bland, and once you turn it into pie or another dessert, it's not exactly healthy anymore. Adding pumpkin to chili makes it flavorful without loads of sugar.