Raw scallops on wooden cutting board with garlic, herbs, and salt on the side
For Magnificently Breaded Scallops, Potato Flakes Are The Way To Go
Scallops are a versatile main course that can be served raw, sautéed, or stewed. If you want a new way to enjoy this delicious seafood, try breading scallops with potato flakes.
Scallops' deliciously subtle sweet and salty flavor is perfectly complemented by potato flake breading. The mild flakes don't compete with the scallops and turn perfectly crispy.
Mix instant mashed potato flakes with breadcrumbs, flour, and beaten eggs to make the breading. Try using sea scallops, which are larger and have more surface area for coating.
For a thicker coat of breading, give the scallops a dusting of flour, a dip in beaten eggs, and finally a dredge in a mixture of breadcrumbs, potato flakes, and seasonings.
For lighter breading, brush the scallops with oil and roll them in the flakes. Finish by pan-searing for 2 to 3 minutes per side, or cook in the oven for four minutes per side.