Tray of roast baby onions on black roasting tray with thyme sprinkled over
For Delicious Roasted Onions, Go Easy On The Seasoning
Onions are the unsung heroes of the culinary world, giving flavor and depth to countless savory dishes. When they take center stage, they also shine on their own.
Roasting onions in the oven concentrates their natural sugars, drawing out a caramelized, deep, rich flavor. It also amplifies any seasonings you add for a truly amazing side dish.
When seasoning this dish, less is more. Using a light hand will bring out the flavor of the seasonings, while still putting the onions front and center instead of muffling them.
To make this dish, chop off the bottoms and tops of the onions before baking them whole, or cut them into smaller sections. Toss the onions with olive oil and seasonings.
Flip the onions once as they roast for more even cooking and better flavor absorption. Once they're caramel-brown, remove them from the oven and add more seasoning if you desire.