Roasted mushrooms on a white plate with herbs and a silver spoon
For Better Browned Mushrooms, Hold The Fat Until The End
To achieve perfectly browned mushrooms and the flavorful enhancement that fat brings to a saute, start with a dry saute and use the same pan to make a mushroom-fused glaze.
Once you've removed the mushrooms from the saute pan, deglaze the pan with a bit of wine or stock. Add butter or oil, or a mixture of both, into the pan while it's still hot.
The fat will blend with and thicken the liquid into a mushroom-infused reduction. A drizzle of this glaze will enhance the mushrooms' flavors while adding a savory depth.
Furthermore, finishing with a drizzle of fat will oil the mushrooms while allowing them to maintain delectable crisped brown edges from the dry saute.
Keep in mind that both the deglazing and the dry saute require medium heat to fully develop the flavors and textures of the mushrooms and aromatics.