A cup of hot chocolate on a cutting board
For Argentinian Hot Chocolate, The Featured Ingredient Is Served On The Side
Argentinian hot chocolate, known by the name el submarino (the submarine), is made using hot milk and chocolate bars that are assembled in a very interactive way.
The drink is assembled by submerging the chocolate in the milk until it melts. The chocolate is served on the side so the imbiber has control over how chocolatey the drink gets.
Once the chocolate melts, it is stirred briskly with a spoon until it is foamy. Avoid boiling the milk when making this drink, as it can seize the chocolate up and get lumpy.
In Argentina, the traditional chocolate brand used for this drink is Aguila, which is over 100 years old. If you can’t find it, try using your favorite dark chocolate candy bar.
You may find that Aguila has less of the sugary sweet flavor you are used to. Many Americanized recipes suggest adding sugar and a touch of vanilla extract for extra flavor.