Anthony Bourdain smiling.
For Anthony Bourdain, Beans And Rice Did Not Go In Chili
Anthony Bourdain believed that chili should be about the meat and the peppers. So, you won't find any rice or beans in his version of New Mexico-style beef chili.
Bourdain followed what he affectionately called the "Grandma rule,” which meant that one should eat food in the manner it was traditionally served.
Bourdain’s recipe holds steadfast to the Grandma rule, as the original chili recipe didn’t contain rice and beans, only dried beef, fat, and chili.
One of the central ingredients in his recipe is green hatch chile, which he fell in love with during his visit to New Mexico. It only has a mild heat but a ton of savory flavor.
It's often considered one of the best-tasting chiles, so there is no need for rice and beans to ruin the authentic flavors of New Mexico’s finest chili pepper.
His recipe is a no-frills chili with just peppers, meat, and a few seasonings guaranteed to bring you back to simpler times.