A loaf of pumpkin bread with nuts and seeds
For An Easier Twist On Pumpkin Bread, Transform It Into A Dump Cake
For a delicious fall dessert that’s easier to make than bread, try making a pumpkin dump cake. As the name suggests, you simply dump your layers in a pan and bake — that’s it.
Like with a cobbler, you must combine a few ingredients to make the dump cake’s first layer. Stir together pumpkin puree with eggs, sugar, milk, and pumpkin pie spice.
After pouring your pumpkin mixture into a greased pan, sprinkle a whole box of yellow cake mix (with nothing added) over the top. Feel free to use any flavor cake mix you like.
Next, pour melted butter or arrange thin pats of butter over the top. If you want, sprinkle it with chocolate chips, crushed graham crackers, chopped nuts, or cinnamon.
Feel free to serve slices with whipped cream and more toppings, but you may want to let your cake cool down before diving in so it has time to set.