Arayes with a sauce, onions, and beef
For A Unique Spin On Burgers, Try Making Lebanese Arayes
Lebanese arayes are a popular street food that is a cross between sliders and quesadillas, providing a unique twist on the traditional American hamburger.
They consist of halved or quartered pitas stuffed with a raw, seasoned, and often marinated ground beef mixture and are cooked on a hot grill or griddle.
Unlike burgers, arayes use lean ground beef, omit a binding agent like egg or breadcrumbs, and use a more elaborate seasoning blend. They are also smaller and quicker to make.
The ground beef mixture of arayes is similar to kofta, a popular ground beef and lamb mixture. It's seasoned with seven spice, cumin, paprika, and coriander.
Since the meat is cooked inside the pita with no additional garnishes or sauces, arayes typically come with a dipping sauce, such as tahini, yogurt, or even pomegranate molasses.
While grilling or pan frying are successful methods, you can also bake the stuffed pitas in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for around 15 minutes, flipping at the halfway mark.