A clear cocktail
For A Turin-Inspired Aperitivo Hour, Try A Cinque 7 Spritz
For your next Italian-style aperitivo, switch up your drink and try a Cinque 7. It replaces bittersweet, bright orange Aperol with semi-sweet Vermouth di Torino.
Like an Aperol spritz, the Cinque 7 cocktail utilizes prosecco but instead pairs it with vermouth bianco. The prosecco balances with the sweet vermouth to create a sippable drink.
The key to a Cinque 7 is in the ratios of your ingredients. The vermouth plays nearly as pivotal a role as prosecco since the two alcohols are featured in nearly equal proportions.
Vermouth brand Cucielo’s recipe uses 100 milliliters of prosecco and 75 milliliters of Cucielo Bianco. Home bartenders can add soda water and orange bitters for a perfect cocktail.