Lemon fruit still life on light blue background. Close up view.
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For A Sweet, No-Waste Paste, Purée Lemon Peels
If you happen to have a frozen store of six or more lemon rind halves saved after juicing a bunch of lemons, get ready to make the lemon paste you never knew you needed.
To transform those lemon halves, simmer your rinds for about half an hour in a saucepan covered with water, let them cool, scoop out the pulp and pith, and leave behind the rind.
Take the leftover rinds and pop them into the food processor or blender, whizz them up, and you’ll have a lemon paste that will keep in the fridge for weeks.
You can create sweet and savory versions by using extra ingredients; for sweetness, add sugar or vanilla. For a savory twist, add red pepper flakes, olive oil, and fresh herbs.