Bread with herb spread, assorted veggies, and deli meats
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For A James Beard Worthy Lunch, Season Your Sandwich Edges
Career chef Jacques Pépin says home cooks don't need to be exceptionally skilled to add an elegant touch to sliced sandwiches that would make James Beard himself proud.
Once you've chosen your sandwich bread, assemble your fillings, slice off the crusts, and prepare to add a flavorful finishing element to lunch.
Replace the crusts with a coat of butter or mayonnaise, then dip each slathered side directly into a pile of freshly chopped herbs.
Parsley, chives, and basil can add a delicious, fresh crunch to your sandwich, and the contrast of vivid green brings brightness to the usually dull presentation of bread.
This herbed spread can offer just the right amount of flavor and textural depth to any sandwich, and it's still easy to pick it up without being messy.
Or consider toasting sesame seeds or dipping hummus-covered sandwiches into a za'atar spice blend for a crunchy, flavorful addition of spice.