Sake martini garnished with cucumber
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For A Fresh Twist On The Martini, Swap The Vermouth With Sake
Martinis have long been a cocktail perfect for experimentation, and one of the countless variations of the drink swaps out dry vermouth for sake, a signature Japanese drink.
Also known as saketinis, these drinks have a taste that is sweeter and more rounded than martinis with standard vermouth. Thankfully, making a saketini is quite easy.
To make a sake martini, make your martini as you normally would, but hold the vermouth. A ratio of half an ounce of sake for every 2.5 ounces of gin or vodka is recommended.
This ratio is consistent with vermouth martini recipes, as sake and vermouth contain similar amounts of alcohol. Swapping one for the other at a 1:1 ratio won’t throw anything off.
In his book “The Japanese Art of the Cocktail,” bartender Masahiro Urushido recommends garnishing the drink with a lemon peel, olive, cypress leaves, or a pickled scallion.