Crispy fried chicken on a fork
For A Crispier Fried Chicken Coating, Add A Bit Of Liquid To Your Flour Dredge
The only thing better than fried chicken is extra-crispy fried chicken, and to achieve this scrumptious texture and coating, add some liquid to the flour.
Adding a liquid makes the flour form small clumps of coating that cling to the outside of the dredged chicken. Those clumps then fry up into extra-crispy canyons and ridges.
Any liquid that goes well with fried chicken will work when mixing it in your flour. The easiest option is to use the leftover brine or marinade that you prepared for the chicken.
You can also use salted water or add a bit of fatty taste with buttermilk or heavy cream. Pickle juice will also flavor your crust while enhancing its crispy texture.
A neutral alcohol also works, as the high heat from frying will cook off the alcohol while producing extra crispy results.
Before you toss the chicken with the dredge, add 2 or 3 tablespoons of liquid to your flour, then work the flour with your fingers until the liquid is absorbed and clumps form.