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Follow The Wine Rule When Choosing Which Bourbon To Cook With
Bourbon is an ideal alcohol to use for cooking. Its depth of flavor pairs well with meat, and it works great in marinades, glazes, sweet or savory sauces, jams, and desserts.
The Alcohol Professor says to follow the wine rule: "Don't cook with a bourbon that you wouldn't want to drink," noting that a cheap bourbon won't add much flavor.
As the alcohol typically burns off during the cooking process, it would be a colossal waste of an expensive bottle of Bourbon, so a mid-range option is best.
Bourbon can have notes of fruit, spice, nuts, and honey, which can complement or contrast the dish you plan to make.
Higher-proof Bourbon is a natural pairing for heavier dishes with bolder flavors, particularly anything charred, fried, grilled, or smoked but requires longer cooking time.
Lower-proof bourbon (below 46% ABV) works better with lighter foods such as fish, seafood, vegetables, and desserts.