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Follow Julia Child's Lead And Stop Hanging Your Knives Vertically
The culinary world owes a lot to iconic chef and cookbook author Julia Child. For anyone who likes to keep an organized kitchen, Child’s kitchen setup tips and tricks are as invaluable today as they were decades ago, and the way she stored her kitchen knives is both aesthetically pleasing and good for kitchen safety.
While many cooks hang their knives on the wall vertically, with the blades pointed towards the ceiling, Child hung her knives horizontally alongside her sink. It's unclear if she did this to save space or just for personal preference, but her method is the best way to keep your knives organized and preserve their quality.
Good knives are an investment, and storing them in a drawer will dull their blades. Not only does Child's method keep your knives sharp, but hanging your knives horizontally means you can arrange them with sharper, more dangerous knives at the top of the stack, keeping them out of reach of children.