A plate of scrambled eggs
Fluffy Scrambled Eggs Are Even Easier To Cook In An Air Fryer
Scrambled eggs are simple and convenient to make for breakfast, and your air fryer provides an even easier hands-off cooking method that produces perfectly fluffy eggs.
Start by programming your air fryer to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. Add fat to a pan that fits in your air fryer, put it inside, and while it preheats, whisk eggs with salt and pepper.
Carefully remove the preheated pan, pour the egg mixture in, and place it back in the air fryer. Set a timer for two minutes of cooking, then open the fryer to mix the eggs.
Cook the mixture for another two minutes and repeat until the eggs reach your desired level of doneness. The cooking process will take between four to eight minutes.
Check on the contents of the air fryer every so often to ensure that your eggs don’t overcook. When they’re ready, add any garnishes you like and enjoy your super easy breakfast.