Dill stalks on a table and in glass jars.
Flavorful Dill Sauce Only Requires A Few Main Ingredients
Creamy, herbaceous dill sauce can enhance the flavor and freshness of fish, meats, eggs, and more, and the one of the best things about this sauce is how simple it is to make.
For the most basic version of this sauce, it's best to use high-quality fresh dill combined with a creamy base of either sour cream, Greek yogurt, or crème fraîche.
Adding lemon or another acidic ingredient will balance out the heaviness of the creamy base, and you can also add various seasonings and spices to the sauce.
You can keep the seasoning simple with just a dash of salt, or you can add spices like black pepper or a generous pinch of za'atar spice mix.
Whatever seasonings you decide to go with, remember that dill should still be the highlight, and it shouldn’t be masked with too many overpowering ingredients and flavors.