roasting parsnips in an airfryer
Flavor Roasted Parsnips With A Dash Of Parmesan Cheese
Parsnips can be transformed into a delicious main course when roasted and topped with parmesan cheese. First, roast the parsnips with olive oil, salt, and pepper.
Set the temperature to around 400 degrees Fahrenheit until they caramelize. Then, add parmesan during the last five minutes of roasting to achieve a crispy and flavorful outcome.
Parmesan cheese pairs well with cooked veggies like cauliflower au gratin and roasted parsnips because it adds richness, balancing out their natural sweetness.
Parmesan introduces saltiness into the mix, which enhances the complex flavor of the parsnips. Other cheeses, like gruyere, tend to enhance the sweetness of parsnips.