Top view shot of orange juice glass and cup of black coffee on wooden table at the cafe
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Flat Red Coffee's Ukrainian Origins
The rise of coffee houses has seen drinks like Frappuccinos, cold brews, and flat whites skyrocket in popularity around the globe, but the flat red remains an underrated drink. Few outside of the flat red's native Ukraine have heard of this drink made from unconventional ingredients, but it's definitely worth a try.
The flat red is made of two espresso shots combined with steamed, freshly-squeezed orange and pomegranate juices. Invented by Ukraine’s own Vadym Granovskiy of Coffee in Action, the creator tells to Perfect Daily Grind the drink is popular in the colder months, perhaps due to its similarity to mulled wine.
The flat red came to be after Lexus approached Granovskiy about a collaboration drink to celebrate their new line of cars coming to the Ukrainian market. Granovskiy drew inspiration from the Lexus NX’s white exterior and dark red interior and debuted the flat red at his coffee shop, where it became an instant hit.