Pancake being flipped above pan on white background
Flannel Cakes Are The Fluffier Type Of Pancakes You Need To Try
Flannel cakes are smaller pancakes with a fluffy, airy texture that's perfect to soak in syrup. Its inclusion of egg whites makes the cakes perfect for a lighter breakfast.
The cakes likely originate from people with German heritage in Western Pennsylvania. The classic egg white version appeared in print in 1938 and is still used today.
The main distinguishing quality of flannel cakes is that the eggs get separated. The yolks are beaten with milk while the egg whites are beaten until soft peaks form.
The rest of the process resembles a classic pancake recipe except for the egg whites, which are carefully folded into the batter to avoid altering the whipped consistency.
Flannel cake recipes are often similar to classic pancake recipes, but some call for shortening, which is a throwback to the recipe's centuries-old origins.
Most flannel cake recipes also forgo sugar, which may be present in some pancake batters. Regardless, the dish has been enjoyed as a pancake variation since the mid-19th century.