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Fisher Scones: Seattle's Beloved Fair Food
It’s hard to deny the mass appeal of greasy fair food, which is always nostalgic, often delicious, and sometimes stomach-turning for those of us who dare to sample more unusual dishes. While cotton candy and corn dogs are common at fairs across America, the Seattle area and surrounding regions have their own iconic piece of fair food.
For Washingtonians, the best fair food of all is a hot Fisher scone, which looks like a British Cornish or Devon scone, but with locally-sourced raspberry jam and cream or honey butter oozing out the sides. While you can find Fisher scone recipes online, there are only a few places in the U.S. where you can buy the real thing.
The site states that the scones have been served in Washington since the early 1900s at the Washington State Fair, and now 1 million scones are sold annually at the same fair. Fisher scones are also served at local and state fairs across the Northwestern U.S., so you may have to travel a bit to get a bite of these fantastic treats.