A person pouring fish sauce into a bowl
Fish Sauce Will Add A Burst Of Flavor To Your Stew
Fish sauce is traditionally used in various Asian cuisines, but it can also enhance Western-style meat stews with a punch of flavor that doesn't come across as fishy at all.
Fish sauce packs an intense umami punch, and you only need to add a small amount to your stew. The stew's meaty and savory will increase greatly, without any noticeable fishiness.
For beef, lamb, chicken, or pork stew, a teaspoon of fish sauce is enough. For even more flavor, try to also sear the meat and sauté your aromatics before they go into the pot.
As the stew cooks, the fish sauce will season every ingredient and help the dish develop a deep umami flavor. Hold back on other salty ingredients to avoid overseasoning.
If you can't find fish sauce near you, alternatives like soy sauce, liquid aminos, dried mushrooms, or even anchovies can provide a similar umami boost.