Homemade loaded baked potato with bacon, cheddar, and sour cream
Fish Butter Is The Key To Elevated, Rich Baked Potatoes
The classic baked potato topping combo of sour cream, cheese, chives, and bacon is great, but smoked fish butter is an even more savory and delicious topping that bucks the trend.
All you have to do to make fish butter is mix together butter, hot-smoked fish, chopped scallions, and dill. Add the mixture on top of potatoes as you would with regular butter.
You can experiment with other ingredients that pair well with smoked fish, such as lemon zest or horseradish. You can try making the spread with hot-smoked salmon, trout, and more.
Fish butter is pretty similar to bacon with its smoky, salty, and meaty flavor, but the added burst of richness combined with the butter creates even more mouth-watering potatoes.