Grilled Finnish bread cheese wheel next to wedges
Finnish Bread Cheese Is A Savory Breakfast Treat You Can Dunk In Coffee
Many world cuisines have their own versions of cheesy bread, but Finland has bread cheese instead. Leipäjuusto is a unique cheese that makes for a delicious breakfast with coffee.
Translated literally to "bread cheese" in Finnish, leipäjuusto is also called Finnish squeaky cheese due to the way its dense texture squeaks between your teeth when chewed.
The cheese truly has a bread-like texture, down to the porous, browned crust that forms when you grill it. It doesn't melt when heated, and is often enjoyed as a bread substitute.
Bread cheese is sometimes served with syrup or honey, but it's most often a partner for coffee, with the mild, buttery, slightly salty browned cheese complementing the hot drink.
The cheese is traditionally made with reindeer milk, and is over 200 years old. Interestingly, it's also popular in the American Midwest, specifically in the state of Wisconsin.
The people of Wisconsin, a state strongly associated with cheese, often serve juustoleipä with beer or wine, and it's even sold in flavors like garlic, chipotle, and jalapeño.
You can order Finnish bread cheese online from Wisconsin companies like Wisconsin Cheese or Carr Valley. Trader Joe's even sells its own pizza- and garlic-flavored versions.