A serving of Tapsilog with garlic rice and sunny side egg and plastic utensils on a paper meal box. Filipino fastfood.
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Filipino Tapsilog Is A Crispier Take On Steak And Eggs
From the English breakfast to croissants and chilequiles, there are many notable breakfasts eaten all over the world. In the Philippines, a common breakfast option is tapsilog, which might just seem like a variation of steak and eggs, but it has many Filipino flairs that make it unique.
Tapsilog was created by Vivian Del Rosario, who opened a restaurant with the intention of feeding hungry bellies with limited budgets. To do so, she pulled together tapa (cured meat), sinangag (garlic rice), and fried itlog (egg). She named the dish Tapsilog by blending the names of the dish’s three main ingredients: tapa, sinangag, and itlog.
To make tapsilog yourself, use thinly sliced beef marinated in garlic, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, pepper flakes, and salt, and cook it until crispy. Then fry your rice with some garlic and finish the dish off with a fried egg. For extra flavor add sliced tomato, pickled papaya, and vinegar or feel free to swap out the beef with spam, corned beef, or any meat of your choice.