Fancy Butter Brands, Ranked From Worst To Best
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20. Cabot
Though by no means a bad option, Cabot butter doesn't quite hold up in comparison to the other fancy international options. It's a top pick from your local supermarket, but it doesn't have the complexity of flavor that several of these other brands offer.
19. Lurpak
A leading Scandinavian brand, Lurpak is based in Denmark and seeks to combine the best of traditional methods and modern technology. Lurpak's products are modeled after the European fashion, with a culturing process and lots of butterfat, but it’s missing out on the depth of flavor other brands have.
18. Smjör
Smjör is an Icelandic butter that is made from one of the most unique breeds of cows in the world. While it isn't as "fancy" as some of the other contenders, Smjör is still a great pick for elevating your favorite recipes, and it’s readily available at Whole Foods Market and Amazon.
17. Kerrygold
Dedicated home cooks and frozen dinner enthusiasts alike seem to know about Kerrygold, lending it something of a cult following. While it is more expensive than your average butter stick, we rank the now-iconic yellow European-style butter here because of its vast accessibility.
16. Beppino Occelli
This nearly-pure white butter has an ultra-creamy, almost sweet flavor, and its uniquely shaped, hand-embossed products, wrapped in wax paper, are truly a statement piece for the table. While the brand has received countless accolades, it sits lower in the pack mainly due to only having one style available.