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Experts Are Warning More People May Begin Brewing Coffee At Home
Rising prices have forced many of us to change our habits, from driving less to swapping egg breakfasts out for something less expensive. This also rings true for coffee prices, which have begun to rise due to climate conditions and low bean reserves, resulting in a 17% price increase as of this August.
To grapple with these rising costs, it’s predicted that people will drink more coffee at home instead of buying it from a coffee shop. Vanusia Nogueira, executive director of the International Coffee Organization (ICO), believes people will begin to change the way they drink coffee, which will negatively impact specialty coffee makers.
Despite the higher prices and lesser availability of coffee, the amount of coffee consumed during the 2021/2022 coffee year increased by 3.3%. Luckily, coffee prices aren’t predicted to continue rising in 2023, and coffee drinkers will be able to continue enjoying their caffeinated beverages without any trouble.