Sliced watermelon with red currant and honey, served on olive wood chopping board with honey dipper and sackcloth napkin over black slate background. Top view. Healthy dessert concept.
Experiment With Watermelon Honey For A Surge Of Nostalgic Flavor
From spiced tupelo honey to tropical Pitcairn honey, there are many honey varieties you can experiment with, but none are more perfect for summer than sweet watermelon honey.
Watermelon honey isn’t honey flavored with watermelon, and contains no fruit. Rather, it’s honey made from the nectar of watermelon blossoms.
Honey bees prefer to revisit the same flower when producing honey, so if bees live near watermelon blossoms, the result is monofloral watermelon honey.
This honey has a delicate fruity aroma that brings to mind juicy watermelon and the summer season. Its refreshing and sweet flavor is almost like a nostalgic taste of gummi candy.
Watermelon honey can be used for anything from a charcuterie board to marinades, homemade hot honey, ice cream, frosting, baked goods, or honey-infused simple syrup.
Watermelon honey can be hard to find because it’s difficult to produce. Look at farmers markets or online, and make sure to store this natural product in a cool, dry, dark area.