Freshly baked chocolate brownies sitting on a grey slate background. Salt flakes are scattered across the brownies. One has been taken, leaving an empty space and crumbs.
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Experiment With Extracts To Upgrade Boxed Brownie Mix
If you’re baking brownies from a boxed mix, don’t hold back from making them your own since there are so many tasty ingredients you can add, including candies, nuts, and even bacon. If you really want to turn your brownies into something special with very little effort, you may want to start experimenting with flavorful extracts.
Extracts are concentrated solutions made by placing fruits, nuts, or spices in a liquid to draw out their flavors. They can transform your brownies with just a few drops: mint extract can make mint chocolate brownies, coconut extract adds tropical flair, and cherry extract creates cherry-chocolate brownies that are tart and sweet.
Whether you choose almond, anise, coconut, orange, or other flavors, remember that a little bit goes a long way when it comes to extracts, so don’t be heavy-handed. In addition to giving your boxed brownie mix a twist, one of the advantages of using an extract is that the flavor will be evenly distributed throughout the whole batter.