A forkful of noodles being lifted from a cup of instant ramen
Experiment With Canned Soups For Personalized Ramen
If dried ramen packs just aren’t cutting it for you anymore, the simple solution is to level up your homemade ramen game by using one unlikely ingredient: a can of soup.
Canned soup will instantly add some major bulk to your ramen. You can even cook your noodles right in the soup by replacing half the amount of water you’d normally use with soup.
Cream of mushroom, chicken, and onion are all fairly neutral options — both texturally and flavor-wise — so they'll easily incorporate into your regular go-to ramen recipe.
Try puréed soups and soups with chunked ingredients. Crab or corn chowder could be a great fit for seafood ramen, and butternut squash soup makes a good vegetarian broth.
You can also use canned veggies like water chestnuts and bamboo shoots to spruce up your ramen. Use any toppings you’d like, from miso paste to oyster sauce, or even tofu.