Slab of Kobe steak with herbs on the side
Expensive Cuts Of Beef That Rival Kobe
Olive Wagyu
Kobe beef is a renowned cut of steak, but there are plenty of other rare, high-quality steaks available like olive Wagyu, which can cost up to $500 per pound.
Like Kobe, Wagyu is sourced from kuroge cows, but they’re raised only on sun-roasted olive mash, which gives the meat delicate marbling and a distinct umami flavor.
Murasawa Beef
Also known as phantom beef, Murasawa Wagyu is a rare beef sourced from the Nagano Prefecture, which makes only 80 cattle available to the market each year.
Murasawa also comes from kuroge cattle, giving it a buttery tenderness, but the marbling is so fine that the meat appears almost white, earning it a price of $150 a pound.
Matsusaka Ushi
To achieve ideal marbling, Matsusaka cows are fattened up on a unique diet that includes beer, although each farmer’s unique tricks are kept secret.
Moreover, the cows are pampered with anything from classical music to sake massages to stimulate appetite and reduce stress, earning a price up to $160 per pound.