A shepherds pie in a ceramic dish atop a wooden counter.
Exchange Mashed Potatoes With Tater Tots For A Quicker Shepherd's Pie
The one thing that can make a tasty shepherd’s pie feel like a drag is the labor of making mashed potatoes to put on top. If you're pressed for time, tater tots can be your hero.
Instead of peeling, boiling, and mashing potatoes, just arrange frozen tater tots on top of your beef filling and you’ll have a golden, crispy crust on your pie.
The tots don't even have to be thawed first, which streamlines the cooking process. During cooking, the bottom of the tots will absorb the beef’s juices and take on lots of flavor.
You can opt for traditional, plain tater tots, or try sweet potato tots to add a sweet, earthy, creative twist. Either way, your family or dinner guests will come back for more.