Chocolate chip cookies falling on pink background
Exchange Butter With Cream Cheese For The Softest Cookies You'll Ever Bake
Using lots of butter can create crispy cookies that have a snap or crunch to them, but for those who prefer softer, chewier cookies, cream cheese can take butter's place.
Just bring the cream cheese to room temperature as you would with butter, then cream the cheese together with whatever sugar you're using and proceed with your recipe.
Cream cheese leads to a more pillowy soft cookie because it holds the dough together better, so the cookies don't spread as much and remain thick and chewy.
Cream cheese also has less fat than butter, so the cookies may not brown as much. However, it’s still best to use full-fat cream cheese so the cookies don't turn tough and dry.
Cream cheese may also have more salt, so adjust your recipe accordingly. Baking basic cream cheese cookies for 10 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit turns out good results.