Meatloaf on a wooden cutting block.
Exchange Breadcrumbs With Boxed Stuffing Mix For Holiday-Inspired Meatloaf
Breadcrumbs are essential for meatloaf, as they bind the meat mixture together and make the texture more tender. If you don't have any on hand, use some boxed stuffing mix instead.
Boxed stuffing mix works as a starchy binder in a way similar to breadcrumbs, and the dried seasonings like parsley, sage, onion and garlic give the meatloaf layers of flavor.
You can even try a cornbread stuffing mix for a sweeter flavor. Make sure to use boxed, dry stuffing mix and use it dry as well to get the same effect as breadcrumbs.
Bread pieces in stuffing are larger than breadcrumbs, so if you don't want bigger pieces of bread, crunch up the dry stuffing before adding it to your meatloaf.
Add stuffing crumbs to your meatloaf mixture at an equal weight to the amount of breadcrumbs you'd use. Top the loaf with ketchup and bake at 350 degrees for about an hour.