Beef stroganoff with egg noodles
Exchange Beef With Chicken For A Quicker Stroganoff
Stroganoff is a classic Russian dish that's typically made with beef. To save yourself some time and effort, consider swapping the beef for chicken.
This way, you won't need to slice the meat into pieces or be too mindful during the browning process. With chicken, you can simply sear the whole cut and take it apart as you cook.
Since chicken is already relatively delicate and soft, it also doesn't take as long as beef to tenderize. Moreover, it is generally lower in fat and calories compared to beef.
Overall, swapping beef with chicken gives you a lighter version of stroganoff without compromising too much of the original taste.
What comes off the pan is a stroganoff with just the right amount of savory to leave room for the umami mushrooms, onions, and creamy, flavorful sauce to shine.
Since chicken has a milder taste than beef, season with robust spices like paprika and garlic powder. Add chicken broth or stock when making the sauce for a warm undertone.
Leftover chicken also works in stroganoff. Working with yesterday's roast or store-bought rotisserie is budget-friendly and saves you heaps of time and effort.