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Everything You Wanted to Know About How to Eat Lobster Tails
Step 1
When you’re dealing with a whole lobster, you first have to separate the tail from the body. Once your lobster’s fully cooked, simply twist the two halves to detach the tail, and brush off the green substance called tomalley — essentially the lobster’s liver — which is viewed by some as a delicacy.
Step 2
To crack open the shell, flip the tail over to expose its soft, membrane underside, cut through the skin using a pair of shears, pull the shell away, and lift out the meat. If you don’t have kitchen scissors on hand, tear the tail fins off to create openings at both ends, and push the meat out.
Step 3
Before you dip your tail in some clarified butter, make sure to remove the black intestinal track running through the tail by pulling it out with your fingers. While some lobsters come with the vein removed, it’s not going to kill you if you keep it in, but it won’t exactly taste good either.