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Everything Included In Disney’s $5,000 Star Wars Cocktail
Disney is selling a unique experience to hardcore "Star Wars" fans, but it will set them back a few Galactic Credits. The "Star Wars"-themed Hyperspace Lounge, found on the cruise ship Disney Wish, offers visitors a menu item called the Kaiburr Crystal cocktail, which costs a whopping $5,000 — here are the perks to the huge price tag.
The beverage arrives in a camtono, a contraption that fans will recognize from "The Empire Strikes Back" and "The Mandalorian," and just like in the Star Wars universe, a code is needed to open the vessel. Once you’ve successfully unlocked the camtono, the container will open and reveal your drink alongside beeping noises and a cloud of fog.
The cocktail includes $4,000 cognac, plus yuzu, kumquat, a dash of limited-edition Grand Marnier, shots of the infamously expensive 23-year Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve bourbon, and the Kingsman Edition of Taylor Fladgate Very Old Tawny Port. The mixed drink is then served in silver-plated cups that are yours to take home.
Purchasing the Kaiburr Crystal cocktail will also get you some gifts delivered to your cruise ship room, including flowers, a backpack, a pillow and blanket, and Skywalker wine. Plus, you’ll get a certificate for a tour of Skywalker Ranch, a sprawling 4,700-acre plot of land north of San Francisco that is home to the Lucasfilm post-production facility.