Cooked and sliced oyster steaks
Everyone Should Try A Cut Of Beef Called Oyster Steak
Although underrated, oyster steak is a cut of meat that comes from inside the hip of a cow's rear legs. It looks like a tangled web of muscle and fat strands, like oyster's meat.
Oyster steaks come from a part of the cow that doesn't do much work, resulting in a well-distributed mixture of fat that makes for a rich, tender, and flavorful cut.
Being small, they're easy to overcook, so do it quickly over high heat. You'll save the tender meat and get nice browning on the outside while the fat keeps everything juicy.
Do this with a hard sear over a smoking cast-iron pan, in a broiler, or over high, direct heat on a grill. It should be done cooking quickly, roughly three minutes per side.
Due to their flavor and richness, the best way to sample them the first time is just with salt and pepper. When cooked properly, they shouldn't need anything else to be delicious.