Cans of High Noon seltzer
Every High Noon Flavor Ranked Worst To Best
13. Guava
High Noon Guava tastes a lot like guava juice, but some tasters say it leaves a weird aftertaste that isn’t enjoyable. The drink is forgettable because of its neutrality.
12. Pear
This seltzer is sweet and crisp, but it needs more bite. However, the mellow and bright flavor of actual pear juice with the right bubble of effervescence is enjoyable.
11. Watermelon
This flavor doesn't have the true artificial watermelon taste you might desire. Despite containing real fruit juice, the flavor delivers a hint of "something's off."
10. Pineapple
The pineapple flavor smells like the real deal. It’s an exciting flavor that grows on you, but it can be off-putting to some because they’re not used to it.
9. Mango
This flavor tastes like Skittle or Hi-Chew candy. While some found it to be more of a sparkling water than a hard drink, we found the flavor strong and refreshing.